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Jungle Trekking In Mount Abu

Jungle Trekking In Mount Abu

Jungle Trekking - Nature Trails in Mount Abu

The major trails:
1. Bailey's Walk:- It is a meandering trail that starts from Sun Set road and reaches down to the banks of the Nakki Lake at nearly its South West point. This trek starts from Nakki Lake on the left there is one sign board when we enter it first we have to climb some mountains and then we have to climb 54 steps after that we reach the Goddess (Aghai) temple then our trek goes to Kanerkund there are many beautiful mountains and you can see the moon as well as the sun. here water stays clean for 1 year from far away people comes to drink and take it to their houses and to make food and then afterwards we reach sunset there we can see many rocks of many faces one rock is called the Toad Rock and it is a very beautiful place.

2. Craig's Walk:- It starts from Neemdi Kothi and ends at Ganesh Point at Honeymoon Point.

3. Rishikesh Trail:- It stars from Aaarna Village and goes down to plains near the cresent close to Rishikesh Temples.

4. Tiger Trail:- One of the most virgin trails that commences from St. Mary's School and ends at Aaarna Village nearly 7 K.M. after.

5. Bharja Trail:- It starts from Orian and goes down to the plains to reach the outskirts of Bharja Village, often used by the forces for their training for jungle walks at night.

Some important Nature trails are as under :

  • Tiger Path
  • Craig's Path
  • Beyley's walk
  • Sunset Point - Sakora
  • Trevor's Tank
  • Guru shikhar
  • Dilwara- Salgaon
  • Arna - Chhipaberi
  • Gaumukh - Bagheri
  • Gaumukh - Chandel
  • Sirohi Kothi
  • Honeymoon Point
  • Achalgarh
  • Utraj - Vasthanji Trail
  • Mini Nakki - Anjani Mata
  • Bridal Path