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Hotels in Mount Abu | Places to visit in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is renowned hill station of Rajasthan, India. It is also popularly known as an “oasis in the desert” because it has many lakes and waterfall in the famous desert. The highest peak of Mount Abu is at 1722 m above level of sea known as “Guru Shikar”.

This magnificent hill station is 22 km long and 9 km wide. This beauty makes Mount Abu a famous tourist destination which pleasures even from the great heat of Rajasthan. Except the Natural serenity of the place it is the only hill station in middle of the desert. 

It is mainly famous for the picturesque view, Jain temples such as Dilwara and its famous Wild life Sanctuary. We www.mountabu.in gives the tourist to plan vacations around this famous winter festival of the Mount Abu.

Best time to visit Mount Abu

Winter Season is the best period to visit Mount Abu. But it is a hill station so it can still be visited in summer. September to March is a fair time to visit this hill station.

Mount Abu Places to visit

  1. Guru Shikhar Peak
  2. Adhar Devi Temple
  3. Shri Raghunathji Temple
  4. Dilwara Jain Temples
  5. Achalgarh Fort
  6. Nakki Lake
  7. Durga Temple
  8. Trevor's Crocodile Park
  9. Gaumukh Temple
  10. Mount Abu wildlife Sanctuary
  11. Sunset Point

We provide online booking of Hotels and Accommodations through our portal. Hotels from three to star to budget hotels are provided by us as per the need of the tourist. We have some of the best Hotels and Resorts of the town with beautiful scenery and cheap accommodation also for pocket friendly tourist as well.
Except major tourist spots of Mount Abu there are many things tourist can do such as: Rock climbing, Rappelling, Wildlife & bird watching, Mountain biking, Boating, The Winter Festival

If you are nature lover and go on enjoying the green forests along with the breeze of lake, then Mount Abu is the perfect match for you, to visit during holidays. Yes, it is Mount Abu, hill station of Rajasthan state. It is also one of the most visited places by tourists from all over the world. Some temples of Mount Abu are famous for Hindus and other religions, so that it is also important places with religious means. Mount Abu hotels are preferred by visitors to stay for few days there and spend a joyful vacation. Also Hotel in Mount Abu is a good option to take when you are visiting different places. Most visitors choose to stay in Hotels in Mount Abu during their journey.

Hotel Booking Rates & Other Details:

So many places or say interesting places are there in Mount Abu for which it is famous. Hotels in Mount Abu near Nakki Lake is first choice for every tourist. Additionally so many Hindu – Jain temples, few natural sites and other mount abu sightseeing very famous. There are many hotels in mount abu with swimming pool. Tourist preferred this type of hotel in summer season. There is a lake – Nakki Lake in Mount Abu which is believed to be dug by a giant with this single nail and hence names as Nakki Lake which means Dug by a nail. Other places are Sunset Point, Jain Temples, Guru Shikhar, Achalgarh, couple of forts, a mountaineering institute etc. All these places are frequently visited by the tourists and have great value. Mount Abu hotels are famous for their hospitality and offered services.

Hotels in Mount Abu include Premium Hotels, Budget Hotels, Luxury Hotels, and 4 Star Hotels in Mount Abu. Recently, there are many Mount Abu hotels, which has just been built and offering variety of services. Several famous hotels in Mount Abu are also there, offering world class amenities and personalized services. To go to Mount Abu, one can hire private vehicle and also can choose to be there through state bus service. Nearest railway station is Abu road, offering daily trains to nearby as well as long route trains.

Mount Abu houses some of the best hotels and restaurants in the region. Mount Abu Hotels vary to suit all needs and preferences. Ranging from Star Hotels in Mount Abu to Low Cost Budget Hotels, Mount Abu has it all. There are good number of Cheap Hotels in Mount Abu and Budget Hotels in Mount Abu that offer good comfort and facilities at affordable prices. Guest Houses are also a good option for those looking for Economical Accommodation in Mount Abu. Bungalow and Villa in Mount Abu are a good option for families desire to have a home away from home. To know more about rate of Hotels in Mount Abu, you can check our hotel booking section above of the page. You can access to Mount Abu Hotels booking directly at there.