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Things To Do In Mount Abu

Things To Do In Mount Abu

Boating in Nakki Lake, Mount Abu
Nakki Lake the mythological lake with a very interesting story behind its creation is the heart of Mount Abu, the legend has it that this lake was dugg by Gods or Devtas using their nails or nakh that's why the name Nakki Lake - few sections of local tribes also consider Nakki Lake as a holy lake and worship it, Nakki lake is also the only Indian artificial lake situated at a height of 1200 Mtr's above sea level. Recently in 2006-2007 Nakki lake was granted a huge financial boost for its protection amongst eight other lakes in India.

Horse Safari in Mount Abu
Riding a horse in pristine nature, breathing cool air, satiating your visual senses with green vegetation all around and a thrill to get a chance see a wild life is a prime virtue of horse safari. A horse safari is a unique experience for those who would combine the pleasures of long distance riding with a love for the wild and the thrill Adventure. An adventure which allows you to experience Nature,wildlife, scenery and culture at close quarters. Horse and rider become one with the environment - sharing the same sights, scents, sounds and excitement of the wilderness. It will add some of the most unforgettable memories in your Eco Tour experiences. Spectacular view of the glorious ambience in its unique style makes it a lifelong cherishing voyage.

Camping in Mount Abu
Camping is perhaps the best way of enjoying the wonders of nature given to Mount Abu. It suits best to all nature lovers seeking some relaxing days out of clamorous and busy city life. Hills of Mount Abu offer some best Camping Adventure zone where you recline in nature's lap in most peaceful way. Our camp site is cradled in the hills of the Arawali Mountains. The variety of vegetation found in hills adds grandeur to the landscape. Live bar-b- que and hot sizzlers, Crackling campfires, nights in tents, living in the solitude close to the nature has its own pleasure and peace.

The adage is eternal - as is the ruler so is the populace! Mercifully, the present crop of officers in Mount Abu is the group which means business and is no no-nonsense lot.

The District Administration and forest department has risen to the occasion. Matching step by step the development juggernaut of Mount Abu, it has gone into full throttled. The result of their hurculean effort is not only in the many Anicuts (the WHS) constructed all over the hills nad the dales but also creating the much needed facility of "Eco-tourism".

Village Tour in Mount Abu
The villages around Mount Abu are a snapshot in time. People still live in the traditional manner growing their own food & producing Rajasthan traditional shoes and clothes. Special features include the Rajasthani sand pot, the Marvadi turban, and corn chapattis and curries that are delicious to eat.

Adventures in Mount Abu
Got bored with intolerable staidness in your life and it seems to you as if life has come to a fix! Take an adventure tour to Mount Abu with us and explore the exciting activities that will fill your holiday with unforgettable thrill. Opening its avenues as an excellent destination for adventure, and the pristine nature sites. Mount Abu hails you to be explored.

Whether you are an expert researcher, adventurous dare devil, nature admirer, watchful photographer or amateur adventure seeker, there are many exciting moments for everyone that will keep your heart racing and mind demanding more and more.

Shopping in Mount Abu
Shopping is another attraction at Mount Abu. Mount Abu has market having variety of shops with variety of rajasthani and gujrati articles from handicrafts of different categories, textile, Jewellery articles, wooden, marble and metal, Rajasthani paintings, Leather articles and stone crafts etc. Carved in marble, sandalwood and sandstone can be bought from the shops around Nakki Lake. Kota saris, bangles and linen with Sanganeri prints, light weight Jaipury quilt are also available. For Rajasthani Handicrafts there is Rajasthali, Rajasthan Government Handicrafts Emporium and Khadi Bhandar, also there are metal, stone, wooden and clothing handicrafts shops like Fair Price Rajasthan Emporium, Piccadilly Plaza, Chacha Museum, Kashmir Cottage Emporium, M/S Bansilal Bhurmal (famous Jaipuri Quilts -light Weigth ).